Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater

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Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater, located by the Moon Lake and the Han River, and across the lake faced Meizishan Mountain, and Guqin Platform which was built during the Reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, was built with 1.57 billion Yuan of government investment. As a core component to Moon Lake Cultural Theme Park, it is the largest mega-sized cultural facility featuring the most varied functions and the highest standards in the city of Wuhan and even throughout the entire central China area. It was the main venue of the 8th China Art Festival in 2007.  

Qintai Grand Theater has a floor area of 65650 m2 and its main structure is comprised of a comprehensive grand theater of 1802 seats, a multi-function hall of 400 seats, and other supporting facilities. Drawing upon the design technique of “varying sceneries from different viewpoints” from classical Chinese gardens, it has adopted an open-arm truss structure which resembles the frisky movements of keys on musical instruments and the elegant dance of long sleeves in the air, offering a rich and varied viewing experience from within the theater, thus adding radiance to the metallic glass body as if there are Guqin strings. The long sleeves structure smoothly stretches as long as 106 meters. Glass curtain walls symbolizing musical keys are of simple and transparent design and are decorated with bronze ornamentation from the Chu Culture, thus combining the traditional with the modern. Within its solid concrete iron structure vibrates the most delicate musical notes. On the whole, the structure is intriguingly dynamic and vigorously magnificent, leaving room for the train of thought to wonder. The magnitude of its reach adds brilliance to its sense of timelessness, grandeur and masculinity.

Qintai Grand Theater mainly performs various types of large-scaled opera, dance drama, ballet, symphony, musical, stage play and traditional Chinese opera home and abroad. Among all Chinese cultural venues in service, it is the best equipped comprehensive theater boasting the highest architectural design standards. Apart from performing classical pieces in the grand theater or multi-function hall, the grand theater also has many other performance service facilities such as art gallery, art rehearsal hall, café and restaurant. It brings various types of art works from all over the world to its home audience.

With 100 million Yuan worth of stage equipment, Qintai Grand Theater has adopted the traditional “reverse T-shaped” stage featuring a proscenium opening of 18 meters in width and 12 meters in height, and a stage of 50 meters in total depth and 72 meters in width incorporating a two-part orchestra pit of 92 m2 capable of accommodating an orchestra of 120 players. Its stage equipment holds multiple records: its main lifting platform capable of carrying 25 tons is of the largest carrying capacity in China; its main lifting platform capable of moving 0.5 meters per second is the fastest in China; the ten-degree stage surface tilt of the main lifting platform platens is No. 1 in China; its driving technology of the main lifting platform is No. 1 in China for it is driven by 4 motors ensuring smoother movement and more accurate lifting; its motor boom on set capable of carrying 1000 kilograms and moving 1.8 meters is the fastest in China.