Founding History of "Made in Hanyang": the Rise of Modern China's Industry in the Self-Strengthening Movement

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As a historical legend, Zhang Zhidong, the then Viceroy of Huguang, energetically encouraged the steel and war industries in the Self-Strengthening Movement, achieving the brilliant achievements in the modern China's industry.

Hubei Firearms Factory, which was built at the foot of Guishan Mountain more than a hundred years ago, is deemed the sign of rise of the industrial civilization of China. With the support of Mr. Zhang Zhidong, Hanyang was rapidly developed into one of the first important heavy industry places.

From August, 1891 to October, 1893, Zhang Zhidong, the then Viceroy of Huguang, founded Hanyang Iron Works in Hanyang, kicking off the legend of "Made in Hanyang".

From 1894 to 1895, Mr. Zhang Zhidong invested large sums of money to establish Hubei Firearms Factory, consisting of Gun Carriage Factory, Cannonball Factory and Bullet Factory. In 1904, the name of Hubei Firearms Factory was changed to "Hubei Arsenal".

During the 14 years from 1895 to 1908, Hubei Arsenal produced over 110,000 rifles and carbines, more than 40 million bullets, 985 cannons and over 980,000 cannonballs, and its product, 79' rifle, was called "Hanyangzao" rifle and was a famous brand of military product. Until the War of Resistance against Japan, Chinese soldiers still used "Hanyangzao" rifles. In 1908, the name of Hubei Arsenal was changed to "Hanyang Arsenal".

As a backbone of the industrial base of Hubei and Wuhan, Hanyang Iron Works promoted the rapid development of Hanyang Arsenal and the textile industry of Wuhan, forming the foundation of Hubei industries. Since then, "Made in Hanyang" had been widely known in China. Hanyeping Company and "Made in Hanyang" have been the most influential industrial heritages in China so far.

Its founding is a significant event in the modern history of China. With an area of about 1km2, the company was designed with the functions of ironmaking, steelmaking and steel rolling and subsequently it could manufacture weapons and tiles and bricks, etc., and the founding of Hanyang Fire Works was considered as a sign of the rise of China by the West.

It is the first iron and steel complex in China and Asia; prior to the Xinhai Revolution, the output of iron and steel of Hanyang Iron Works was the national output and vice versa. After establishing Hanyang Iron Work on the north of Guishan Mountain, Mr. Zhang Zhidong also built a series of modern manufacturing industry, including Hanyang Arsenal, Gunpowder Factory and Royal Brick Factory, etc.

The "Made in Hanyang" brand is the representative of the modern war industry of China and is representative of "Made in Hubei" and even "Made in China".